Different stages of computer forensic exam regarding investigation to find evidence

Different stages of computer forensic exam regarding investigation to find evidence

Compute forensic is the process of searching in the computer system to find the evidences of crime by gathering the data and information stored in different forms. Apart from the files and documents, the forensic specialist will look for images, videos, browsing history, network connection and other details. Once the search process is over, the computer forensic exam will be processed to generate report for further investigation. Crimes involved using computer and cyber crime and online frauds, bankruptcy and data theft, IPR theft, and regulatory compliance and many other crimes are investigated using computer forensics.

Computer Forensic

Stages of forensic exam


In this stage, preparation for investigation is made as the examiners inform the clients to make the computer systems prepared for investigation. Either it is a server or normal terminals, the clients have to make it ready for investigation.


In this stage clear instructions are received to get prepared for risk analysis. For evaluation, the examiners will be clear about the allocation of resources and also the roles. Regarding evaluation, there are chances for the physical threats therefore how to do deal it will be also included importantly.


In this stage, the data and information will be collected from the system on site for investigation. This process includes identifying the information, collecting it for probing and documenting the collected information and details. After collection, interview session may be handled especially with the person that is responsible for the information and the details collected. Most importantly the collected evidences will be transported to the lab for examination.


This is also an important stage in which the information and the details gathered or collected from the system will be analyzed. Moreover it takes much time since the analysis will be done in a hawk eye perspective to come to a conclusion after serious consideration. Depends on the feedback of the client the analysis will be done in different views.


 Presentation is a stage in which the report is generated and reported regarding the analysis done. Here the examiner writes the report in simple terms as the end user may not be able to understand the technical terms.


 This stage is important for improving the quality of the investigation in the future investigation. It can be simple and it can be done on any stages described above. Since computer forensic exam is important all these stages are significant for quality investigation.